Mindful Moments


  In this busy holiday season full of activities, I invite you to Pause and Notice.  This is an ideal time to use all your senses to make lasting and meaningful memories with loved ones. And it is an opportunity to “Let Go.” According to the Mayo Clinic: “Letting go of grudges and bitterness can […]

Eating Raw Onions at Work?!

Here’s a “take away” if you read nothing else: Notice your judging mind with compassion and maybe a bit of humor.   Would You Eat Raw Onions at Work or Judge a Person Who Did? Several years ago, while I was working in the New Brunswick corporate office of Johnson & Johnson (J&J), I went down […]

Don’t Miss the Big Picture

I invite you to take a moment and look at this photo. Really look at it. Can you see the differences between the image on the phone and the beautiful sunset being photographed? Here’s a “take away” if you read nothing else: Pause and Notice Use all your senses to make sure the memory stays […]

He Turned Away from Me

I Froze I was so excited to be going on my very first business trip.  After years of working as a nurse on a busy medical unit, I was now the hospital’s patient advocate and would be attending a national conference in the Midwest, and my best suit was packed. Once I arrived at the […]

Didn’t we used to eat lunch together?

Do you remember the last time you had lunch with your colleagues at work?  I remember once saying I would never eat lunch alone at my desk.  What happened?!! I tried early on in my career as a nurse to work through lunch, since I had so much to do.  An older experienced nurse immediately […]

Big Toe in the Water Mindfulness Blog Post

Can a little round soap change a life?

In case you’re in a rush and quickly reading this blog, the answer is, “Yes.” Recently I had to travel to Scottsdale for business, and stayed in this very nice eclectic hotel. One of the first things I noticed once I checked into my room was when I went to wash my hands; I opened […]

Big Toe in the Water Mindfulness Blog Post

One rose at a time

There are very few rituals that I have ever honestly found meaning in. I’m admitting that now. I never even understood the reason for funerals, until my own dear Mother passed away over 24 years ago. Then instantly I understood, since every person that day who hugged me, gave me the energy to continue. It […]

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