Big Toe in the Water

How to mindfully navigate the holiday season

Have you noticed a recording already playing in your head about what might happen at that next family holiday meal or party with friends or colleagues? Can any of us really predict the future with any accuracy?

One of the nine foundational attitudes of Mindfulness is called, “Beginners Mind.” It is approaching each and every moment with “fresh eyes,” since there has never been this day before and it will never come again.

And so, I invite you to keep an open mind this holiday season, since Mindfulness is all about paying attention to these quick moments in our lives that fly right by us. And as you keep an open mind, try to accomplish this with the perspective of non-judgment.

During these events if we hear a familiar phrase (maybe critical, a gentle teasing comment) or perhaps see the facial gesture we’ve grown to know (and perhaps not care for) …. If you can, pause in the moment and respond (or not), instead of becoming reactive.

Holidays, perhaps in particular these at the end of the year, come with many memories for most of us. Hold on to the cherished ones dearly. And this year, maybe you will decide to let go (or maybe just not hold on so tight) to the other ones that are not so cherished.

Remember to use all of your senses in order to make these new memories stick. And this is true for each and every day that we have the opportunity to live this great adventure – our lives!

Happy Holidays to each and every one!


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