Big Toe in the Water

NO Cell Connection! What Now?!


“With 43% reporting high levels of daily stress, it’s no surprise that a wealth of employees feel like they’re on the edge of burnout, with some reports suggesting that up to 61% of U.S. professionals feel like they’re burning out at any moment in time. Those who feel tense or stressed out during the workday are more than three times as likely to seek employment elsewhere.” – How to Recover from Work Stress, According to Science, Harvard Business Review

THIS may be why your employees are leaving.

Or maybe this is why YOU are leaving.

It took more than five years for me and my sister to get away for a weekend. Thankfully, we finally managed to do so the last weekend of July. In the mountains I had no internet connection.

No news. No social media. No email. Not even Wordle.

Studies show that the more time spent thinking about work outside the office, the less able you are to recover from it. Moreover, the mere presence of your cell phone can create distraction and hinder detachment during non-work time, which is essential for recovery and health.

How ironic! Now that my phone was useless, it was apparently working to my benefit!

Each day, for more than four hours, I sat and looked at the lake. Noticing the sunlight reflecting off the water. Hearing the sounds all around me. Adults softly talking, children laughing, babies crying. Breathing in the fresh air. Smelling the scent of the warm grass. Feeling my body at rest in the chair. And watching as an otter peacefully passed by.

Nature is restorative.

Quiet is restorative.

It’s true–practicing living moment-by-moment for even just a few minutes each day will help you recover from the work stress (or life stress!) you may be experiencing.

Maybe you can’t get away to the mountains or beach for a weekend, but you can still walk outside and explore nature right where you are today.

You could put on some music. Or relish the silence as you wander through the exhibitions at Venice’s magnificent Palazzo Mora in this virtual tour presented by the European Cultural Centre.

Make this moment count, since it’s the only one that actually exists! 

And, if you or your employees are interested in learning this practice, I would welcome the opportunity to show you how Mindfulness can help reduce stress and positively impact your business and personal goals.

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Photo Credit: Harriet Stein


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