In the world of education, would school leaders benefit from some stress reduction right now? YES! This is why I was honored to be a guest on Steve Bollar’s podcast, The Stand Tall Leadership Show to share some tips that would benefit leaders right now!

      Stand Tall Leadership podcast with Harriet Stein

We know it matters — and that it helps us focus — but what exactly is mindfulness? Harriet Stein, founder and president of Big Toe in the Water, joins Jennifer to break it down and build us up on how to pay attention in our busy breadwinner lives, with a special focus on the needs of essential healthcare workers.

      Mindfulness 101: ‘It’s Not About Being Happy. It’s About Being Real.’

Host Michael Sherlock’s business podcast is focused on excellence in leadership, sales, and the customer experience. Harriet discussed how Mindfulness can impact all three of these areas, since this practice enables one to increase their ability to focus.

      Harriet's Interview on the Shock Your Potential Podcast

Harriet’s podcasts offer a wealth of information about Mindfulness, how it can be used in the workplace, and how it is transforming the productivity of workers in businesses and corporations of all sizes.

      Harriet Stein: How to Easily Increase Your Productivity and Decrease Your Stress

Are you tired of podcasts that don’t give practical advice on driving sales and revenue? Business Transformers Radio looks at those things that increase revenue and improve your business. They deliver experienced based advice with guests who share their expertise. Do you feel stressed out? Is your professional and personal life feel like they’re out of control? On this episode, our special guest Harriet Stein of Big Toe in the Water walks us through what Mindfulness is and what it is not. This episode is a life changer!

      Business Transformers Radio: Mindfulness with Special Guest Harriet Stein

Mindfulness is now being incorporated by organizations to lower healthcare costs, support employees in staying focused which improves their performance, and reduce levels of stress.

Harriet Stein of Big Toe in the Water brings Mindfulness Programs to organizations of all sizes to transform employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.


Provide a life-changing program for your employees and create a healthier more collaborative and engaged workplace.



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